If you’re sitting down, don’t sit still

New research, co-led by the University of Leeds and UCL, suggests that the movements involved in fidgeting may counteract the adverse health impacts of sitting for long periods. In a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, a team of researchers report that an increased risk of mortality from sitting for long periods... Citește în continuare →

Unexpected link between choroid plexus and chronic pain

An observation by Finnish researchers shows that the central nervous system plays an important role in complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Aalto University neuroscientists, in collaboration with researchers at Helsinki University Hospital and Harvard Medical School, have found a novel connection between the size of the choroid plexus in the brain and complex regional pain... Citește în continuare →

Industrial therapists in hospitals: changing structures Interview with Dr. Carsten P. Ostendorp, Center for Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Hospitals

Hospitals only achieve a high level of patient safety if the workplaces of all their employees are optimally designed. Things can become life-threatening when doctors and nursing staff have not been properly trained – or when unnecessary interruptions in the operating room cause mistakes. Dr. Carsten Ostendorp at the Center for Industrial and Organizational Psychology... Citește în continuare →

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